IoT devices for Facility Management

By capturing environmental, occupation, and other data, facility operation peoples & managers get insights into space usage. IoT sensors also empower analytics tools by gathering and providing real-time data. Using predictive analytics, IoT-based facilities management systems can alert operation peoples about potentially dangerous situations. Moreover, a connected system can respond to an alert automatically, neutralizing a safety threat with no human supervision.
Here are some examples of high-performing and widely used devices in FM
Sensors empower most IoT devices, managers get access to data like temperature, humidity, motion, velocity, or a different variable. The insights are then loaded to the facility management software system and visualized.
The following are the types of IoT sensors that we use in TAD:
• Motion/velocity
• Moisture/humidity
• Vibration
• Chemicals and gas sensors
• Location
• Pressure
• Footfall
• Implementing the Internet of Things helps facility Managers scale their businesses efficiently, ensure the safety and a positive experience for tenants, reduce operating costs, and create an agile working environment.
• Building a custom IoT solution is a smart way to outperform the company’s competitors in the field. Reach out to us to create a custom scalable Internet-of-Things architecture for facility management.